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Should I buy a brand name or generic camera battery?


It can be very frustrating to run out of charge in your camera battery, particularly if it occurs at a critical moment such as during a wedding ceremony or when you are far from home on a special trip. As a result, many enthusiastic camera users like to have a second battery with them. Is it worth paying more for a brand name battery, or can a generic suffice? Here are some tips.

How much money do you have to spend?

The reason that most often pushes people towards buying generic brand batteries is that they can be much cheaper. If you only have a very limited budget, it can be worth getting a cheaper second battery and trying to manage the usage so that you don't need it that often. 

How often do need a second battery?

Some cameras come with very long lasting batteries, and due to your shooting patterns, you may not need to change your battery that often. In this case, you might decide that it is not worth paying more for a high-end battery that you will only use rarely.

Will there be unique weather conditions on your trip?

While most generic batteries will give you similar performance during normal temperature conditions, they are often not as stable at very hot or very cold conditions. This means that if you are planning to take your camera with you to take some unique shots of the tundra or on a desert bird spotting trip, it can be worth having a brand name battery with you to ensure performance. 

How much is your camera worth?

Finally, a leak of a camera battery can cause substantial damage to the internals of a camera and result in a hefty repair bill. Brand name batteries usually come with a guarantee that if the battery fails and causes damage that needs a repair, then the company will pay the cost of the repair. If you have a relatively cheap camera, it may not be worth paying extra for the peace of mind that comes with this guarantee, but if you have a pricey camera or rely on your camera for your career, it can be worth paying more. 

If you would like some more advice about which camera battery might suit your needs, you should speak to a specialist at a camera store. They can check your camera and give you some specific advice on battery options. 


21 February 2017