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Three things you should buy if you are planning to host a live music event

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If you intend to host a live music event, here are three things that you will need to purchase during your next shopping trip.

Some professional microphones

It is absolutely essential to ensure that you have at least one or two professional microphones for your event. The reason for this is as follows; even if the person (or people) who will be performing at your event are incredibly talented, the audience may not be impressed by their musical performance if the microphones into which they are singing or playing their instruments are of a poor quality. This is because low-quality microphones are not effective at projecting or enhancing sound.

A professional microphone can deliver a level of sound quality and amplification that is far superior to that which is produced by a cheap microphone that is designed for home use. As such, if you want to ensure that your audience fully enjoys the sounds made by your musicians, you should invest in a few professional microphones.

Stage decor

It's also worth purchasing some stage decor for your event. Whilst the audience members will, of course, be focused primarily on your musicians' performance, the presence of appropriate decor on the stage can help to create the right atmosphere and enhance the audience's enjoyment of the event as a whole.

You may, for example, want to purchase some fairy lights, which can be strung around the edges of the stage, as well as either a velvet set of curtains or a large sheet of glittery paper (to use as the stage backdrop). Other decorative items, such as balloons (with a specific colour theme) or patterned bunting could also help to inject some colour and visual interest into the stage area.

Several extension cords

It is sensible to purchase several extension cords for your upcoming event. The reason for this is that putting on a live concert usually involves the use of a lot of different electrically powered equipment; in addition to the aforementioned microphones, your musicians may also be using amplifiers, speakers, electric guitars and keyboards.

Having multiple extension cords will give these performers more freedom when it comes to deciding where on the stage they want to stand whilst playing specific instruments, as well as which areas would be most suitable for the speakers and amplifiers (as the length of the extension cords will allow them to move their equipment far away from the plug sockets).


14 August 2018