"Ewe" Need to Know: Five Essential Tips for Cleaning Sheepskin Slippers

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Sheepskin slippers can be deliciously comfortable on your feet. The unique properties of sheepskin make these sleepers warm and cozy in the winter but cool and breathable in the summer. They also wick away moisture, adding to your comfort. However, when it comes to cleaning, you need to be careful with them. Here are some tips to help you.  1. Be Open to Natural Color Changes Sheepskin can have a layer of wool attached or be completely shorn and just like soft leather.

8 June 2017

Should I buy a brand name or generic camera battery?


It can be very frustrating to run out of charge in your camera battery, particularly if it occurs at a critical moment such as during a wedding ceremony or when you are far from home on a special trip. As a result, many enthusiastic camera users like to have a second battery with them. Is it worth paying more for a brand name battery, or can a generic suffice? Here are some tips.

21 February 2017